Sunday, 8 July 2018

REVIEW: Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to talk to you about a new fake tan I've been loving.
When I was looking around and researching whether to give this a purchase, I don't know if it's just me but I just couldn't find many reviews on it at all.

Everyone who knows me well will know I am addicted to fake tan, and have a collection of about 25 different bottles...this is the curse of having dark hair with pale skin (omg are you ok Liv you look a bit ill? Brilliant.) plus having a Mother who works in the plastic surgery industry constantly drilling it into me how bad sunbeds are, not only for the skin cancer risk but for premature ageing and leathery skin. I just can't do it to myself no matter how much I want that tan!

The only thing with fake tanning is that I'm driving my partner INSANE by ruining our beautiful crisp white Next Home bedsheets by sleeping in fake tan. My favourite fake tan brand by a long way is Vita Liberata and I've been using their Phenomenal 2-3 week tan for about 3 years now as my primary tan, as it gives a gorgeous colour and it really does last longer than any other fake tan I've tried. As a lover of their brand, the Invisi Foaming Tan Water caught my eye on their Instagram page. A fake tan which is completely clear, 90% organic, 100% clean, no smell, no colour transfer??? Delivers a deep colour? WHAT'S THE CATCH PLEASE?

As previously mentioned, I searched for reviews and tried to work out what colour I should get; light, medium-dark or super dark. I quickly ruled out 'light', and I must have picked up both other shades and put one, then the other down about 5 times before I chickened out of getting super dark and went with medium-dark. TBH I'm really impressed with the shade I've gone after one coat. However, I think I definitely could have got away with super-dark and will probably try that when i've used this bottle up, but I can't complain! Ultimately it hasn't gone as dark as a traditional fake tan, however you can see the difference below:

This is what Vita Liberata have to say about this tan:

"Vita Liberata's organic Invisi Foaming Tan Water is bursting full of organic botanicals for the most hydrating and anti-age skin treatment as you glow. 

As clear as water so zero risk of transfer and super-fast drying so you can apply and go. 4-6 hours later your most natural radiant glow will appear.

Free from parabens, harsh chemicals, perfume/fragrance, alcohol, animal derivatives, petrochemicals, sulphates and silicones."

I'm sold. I can now tan to my hearts content without worrying about getting any on the bedsheets or my clothes (this might have just saved my relationship) and I've got a hydrating and anti ageing skin treatment? Hope you're proud of me, Mum!

The only thing that might put people off is the fact that as it is completely clear, you have no colour guide to know where you've put this tan. Therefore, you've just got to be really vigorous and careful to ensure you haven't missed a bit. 

Each bottle is £30 and I can't wait to pick this up in super-dark soon... I'll update this post and let you know how that is!

I picked up my bottle from Boots on a 'buy one get another half price' deal (I also love Vita Liberata's Body Blur for instant tan results for nights out, so I couldn't resist) but Feelunique often has discounts on and free delivery is a winner.

Hope you're all enjoying this amazing sunshine we're having in the UK!

Lots of love,
Liv x

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Hi guys,

In April, I got my eyebrows microbladed and I am obsessed with the results!

Pictures taken immediately after the first appointment.

It cost £350 and I went to a lady called Charlotte Taylor who is based in Kirkstall, Leeds in a clinic called BeYouAesthetics. It's not the cheapest thing, but the amount of money and time I was spending going to get my brows tinted and threaded at Shavata every 4 weeks was adding up, and I really wanted the extra 10 mins in bed every morning (and perfect brows 24/7).

The procedure actually wasn't painful- it was 'uncomfortable' at parts but the technician applied two sets of topical anaesthetic throughout which massively helped with any discomfort.

Firstly, Charlotte measured my face and then made a template for my eyebrows, based on my proportions and also what she thought would most suit me. I gave this the OK and then she began. I opted for the 'hair stroke brows' look as this is the most natural and I didn't want anything too dramatic. The procedure in total took about 2 hours. Next time I'd be tempted to try the 'combination brow' which is a more defined look and a mix between hair stroke and powder brows.

For about a week after, I had to apply a special balm to my brows every morning and night, to help them heal. I also had to avoid exercise and getting them wet.

Day 1-2 they looked UNREAL and I received so many compliments. It got to around day 5 where they were very itchy and I had to resist the urge to touch them at all as I didn't want the pigment coming out and leaving me with patchy eyebrows.

By day 7 I began to panic because as the skin was healing over the brows, the microblading looked to be disappearing. Charlotte had warned me of this though so I knew it was all part of the process.

2-3 weeks later they had come back but not nearly as dark as they were- this is why the second 'top-up' appointment about 6 weeks after the first one is crucial, or you won't get the desired effect. This top-up appointment is included in the £350 price.

Here's what they looked like straight after the 'top-up' appointment (ignore my awful hair please!!) I asked if they could be made a bit darker. Also bear in mind i've applied some of the special aftercare balm to them here:

The 'healing process' that I went through after the initial procedure I'm told isn't nearly as intense this time round, but I still need to apply the aftercare balm every morning and night for 7 days and try my best to not get them wet.

They will last 12-18 months and if I go back before 12 months to get them done again, the cost will be half price.

Any questions just let me know in the comments below, but I would totally recommend to anyone!

Liv x

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