Saturday, 1 March 2014

An Insight Into My Blogging Inspiration.

Ahhh I actually have some nerves writing this blog post- feels like the start of a very addictive hobby! Probably safe to say I have spent the last 2 days trying to make my very own blog header and re-learn html (used to know all about it in the Bebo days *cringe* haha) but it really made me appreciate the blogging community even more than I already do. So, I took a look back on loads of my favourite blogs to their very first posts. Most of them had jumped straight in with a haul or a monthly favourites, but I decided before I did aaaany of that, I'd like to share the my blogging inspirations and give anyone reading an idea as to why I started this blog...

1) Let's go back to...2007? Youtube lead me to discover Laura, going under the name Lollipop26. She was like a cool beauty-guru older sister, and the first video I ever watched of hers was about the fake tan, St Moriz. This 14 year old was hooked, as I chucked my arguably more 'age-appropriate' Dove Summer Glow out the window. Now blogging under buynowbloglater, she is still one of my favourites and get really inspired by her- especially her choice of GREAT handbags.
2) Tamara from glamandglitter. This girl who has been called a 'Fashionista'  is literally my fashion idol. When I am no longer on a student budget and have 'proper' job, I need to steal some of her pieces! Bags, coats, shoes...whatever she puts together looks flawless and chic which is the style I'll always aim for. Her blog is so great with such a wide variety of looks, you can't not be inspired.
3) Emily from prettyplease. I actually am friends with Emily, and we were in the same year at school. I remember back in sixth form chatting to her about makeup tips and beauty things in the common room at lunch time, and this girl knows everything about makeup- she's read the books, got the t-shirt and knows all the theory behind it, she's a very smart cookie! When I started reading her blog it made me want to start up my own too: her dedication, natural beauty and range of beauty/lifestyle blog topics inspires me.
4) Corrie aka DizzyBrunette3 is a successful youtuber and blogger. I started watching Corrie about a year ago and loved how we both share a passion for Cheryl Cole! She comes across really warm and personable, and as I think we have similar hair colour eye colour and skin tone I often buy what she says she's loving and suits her. I know that she started her blog as a university student like I am now and I've watched her blog evolve. She has really cute style too- oh, and just give me her hair please?!
5) Lastly, we have Em Sheldon from I'd say reading her blog was what really made it 'click' in my head that I'd love to do this. Firstly, she's from Leeds and goes to Leeds Uni (yay), and without sounding like an absolute stalker (I have told her about this) I've seen her a few times around campus and always think her style is lovely, even asked her where her gorgeous baby blue coat was from (Topshop). She seems like a really genuine, lovely and down to earth person deserving every success her blog has lead her to- winning Cosmopolitans Newcomer Award in 2012 and covering the Baftas being amongst many admirable achievements. A really big inspiration to me and an example of what hard work and dedicated blogging can achieve, I'd love to interview her myself one day!

*All images from each bloggers website*


  1. This is so, so flattering Livvy thanks - I'm so excited that you're blogging now as well!
    You sound like a pro already :)

    Emily x -

    1. Ahh my first comment! This is a milestone ;) and thanks, that's kind of you! Hopefully see you soon and hope your blogger meet-up was a success! x


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