Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share with you some tricks and tips on how I grew my hair long, including some before and after pictures and the products I swear by.

I've had a really horrendous hair journey due to having something called trichotillomania since I was 15. This is a type of OCD whereby I am addicted to picking my hair and split ends! Thankfully I don't pull my eyebrows or eyelashes out, however when I was 16 I did get called 'baldilocks' by a nice boy on my bus....LOL fml. :) :) :)

I didn't take any photos of my bald patch at the time (shock) and I don't have a lot of photos which show how crap my hair was! However it continued to look shorter, damaged and over straightened into my uni days though,  see photos...


So, yeah. Even now I still pick my split ends (I'd do ANYTHING to stop) but I've taken lots of steps to grow my hair long despite this and keep it looking as nice as possible.

1. I use Bedhead Elasticate shampoo. I really recommend this shampoo as this makes your hair so much stronger and less prone to breakage.

2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner- I use LOADS of it all over my hair minus the roots, every time I wash my hair, playing particular attention to the ends.

3. After washing my hair, I towel try it then add argon oil to the ends. I also use a blow dry spray with added heat protectant.

4. I would say keep use of heat (hair dryers, straighteners, etc) to a minimum but I'd be lying if I said I did that. I definitely try not to overdo it though as I did when I was 16.

5. Finally, I take a 'Skin, Hair & Nails' tablet once a day. These have made such a difference not only growing my hair but also improving my skin and nails too.
You can buy the likes of Hairburst and other brands but I've compared the ingrediants on the back and Boots own-brand are exactly the same and so much cheaper.


Before/after a recent haircut, where I went a darker brown

Thanks for reading!
Lots of love,
Liv x

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

LVL Lashes- Worth it?

On Saturday, I popped in to a salon in Leeds city centre called Q61 to try out something I've always wanted to, LVL lashes.

Q61 was lovely- really high-end luxury feel on the inside, and the lady who did my treatment was called Amy. I even got a text from them the day before as both an appointment reminder and an invite to arrive 10 minutes early to enjoy a free coffee and relax.

LVL stands for length, volume, lift, and it is a treatment which takes around 45 minutes and effectively tints and 'perms' your lashes. I'm sure you've all heard of it before by now! A therapist uses a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root (making them look curled up), and then your lashes are tinted, creating the appearance of mascara.

The cost? £45
How long does it last? 6-8 weeks

Before and after! *I'd just had to take my eye makeup off with a baby-wipe just before this was taken hence the red/puffiness!*

With mascara...(and taken at about 7am this morning):

My honest opinion?

I love big lashes. I love wearing layers of mascara. I LOVED when I had eyelash extensions (for the first week and a half anyway! Will do a review on those too soon). I'm a few days in and I'd say I LIKE LVL lashes. They're not thick, black and long enough for me to not wear mascara as I prefer a more glam look. If you are into minimal makeup or a more natural look though these will be perfect.

Not gonna lie, putting on mascara and liquid eyeliner is so difficult and takes some getting used to! The lashes just get in the way a bit, and you end up getting mascara on your brow bone as your lashes are so lifted. Cotton buds are my new best friend, and I found I had to change my mascara technique a bit too to stop them going clumpy.

However, I think that when they drop ever so slightly I'll like them even more and they'll be a little more 'user friendly'!

At night without makeup they look nice, just not as nice as with extensions! But for less cost, no damage to your natural lashes and longer lasting results- they are a brilliant alternative I recommend you all try for yourselves.

Lots of love,
Liv x

Sunday, 22 October 2017


Storm Brian is on a mad one outside on this cold, windy autumnal afternoon. So I'm on the sofa with my dog, hot chocolate (ft. marshmallows and whipped cream) in hand and watching the LOST box set, thinking I'd like to share with you some major life lessons I've learnt so far...

1. Getting a nose job was the best thing that I've ever decided to do.

I'll probably do a whole post on this at some point with before/after photos, but I got a nose job back in 2013 because I didn't like my nose! At the time loads of people would gossip about it and I was trying to keep it a secret because of what people would think/say. Looking back now, it was the best decision I've ever made. I'd wanted it done since I was 14 and was 19 when I actually had the procedure. Through my teenage years, I wouldn't want to sit at the side of anyone on the bus and would be so funny about pictures- wanting only to be photoed straight on! A nose job gave me confidence and made me so much happier, which affected how I was around friends and boys, etc. 
Lesson learnt = If you ever are so insecure about something that it is actually making you unhappy day-to-day and you are lucky enough to be in the position to do something about it- do it & don't care what other people think, it's your life.

2. Experiences are more valuable than material things.

When you're old and looking back on your life, you're not going to be thinking about the designer bags, belts, shoes you own, but the people in your life and the memories you've made. I bloody love my Gucci belt and my Mulberry handbag, but I'm always going to be putting trips, events, holidays first. This year I've been so lucky to have gone on some amazing trips with all of my best friends, family and boyfriend included so I've spent some quality time and made memories that I'll always be able to look back on and smile at. 

Me and my girls from high school/6th form still best friends on a weekend break in Devon.

3. Break-ups are NOT the end of the world!

When I was 18, I had just started my first year at uni and was with my then boyfriend of 2 years. His uni didn't start until a few weeks after mine but we were happy and I was in a right little love bubble thinking nothing could go wrong. However, when he started university (about 3 days into his own freshers week) he cheated on me and and slept with someone else. At the time...I was absolutely heartbroken and I had no idea of what that felt like until then. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I couldn't focus on doing any form of uni work. I genuinely thought I'd never be happy again which sounds sooo dramatic but at the time it was the lowest point of my life.
SO what happened? I focused on me- I lost some weight, focused on making friends, going out, enjoying myself and learning that never again should my happiness rely on a guy. Now, I'm completely over it and am really happy. I've also been through another break up since then and it didn't hurt nearly as much.
Don't get me wrong, when I think back I still get angry and sad at the situation and that I ever felt like that but I've genuinely come out stronger for it. Basically, it does get better, and you will be fine!

4. Go out and enjoy yourself....but know your limits.

Now we've all been young, drunk and loving life. However, I've had some serious wake-up calls, or let's say, some serious post-drinking consequences that lasted longer than a hangover.
1) First year uni (newly single, wild & free, as earlier described) and us lot at Leeds Uni went on a night out with Sheffield Uni. It was THEMED 'Leeds devils vs Sheffield Angels', so off we went on a coach dressed as slutty devils on a Monday night to the club DQ in Sheffield. Now, I can't remember much past the tequila shots to be honest but next thing I know, I'm waking up in a toilet cubicle with my phone upside down in the corner next to my devil horns (completely dead battery), I've got no idea of the time, and I have a card machine in my clutch bag. LOL. I'm very very confused. I stumble out of the toilets into the dark, quiet and empty club using the stolen card machine as a light. I have to break myself out of the club fire exit, setting off the alarm (brilliant). I see this woman in the distance, and as I have no idea where I am or which way the train station is, I run over to her. Poor woman has this 'slutty devil' running towards her. She's very kind and walks with me to the train station, dropping it into conversation that she works for BBC Sheffield and the office is near the station so she can show me the way (I silently pray that she doesn't write an article on this). Turns out it's 6.30am and the coach back to Leeds had left a long long time ago.
Long story very short- I have to get on the train back to Leeds with all the 9-5 commuters, makeup down my face, short red dress, absolutely hating my life. I finally get back to my halls, burst into tears as I knock on my flatmates door, and then order the biggest Domino's ever. I had 50+ missed calls, voicemails, texts from worried friends when I finally charged my phone! It's a hilarious story to tell now, but not big and not clever! 

2) Twice have I broken a hand/arm due to my antics on a night out. The below picture is a year and a half ago where I fell down the stairs. I ended up spending 9 hours waiting in A&E the next day, plus had to rock a cast and a computer based 9-5 office job for the next 6 weeks. Applying makeup, showering, straightening your hair is such a mission with just one arm!

5.  Don't let failure get you down and don't let success get to your head.

At 24, I'm still at the start of my career. I'm a very driven person and I'm also really hard on myself. When I do well at something, I'm so pleased and feel such a sense of achievement, but when something goes wrong I really feel like I've let myself down, which in turn affects my mood, my motivation, and it turns into this negative cycle where I stew over what went wrong and over think everything. I think it's important to remember that when things go either well or badly, everything can change.

6. Look after your skin!

Lastly, I just wanted to include this. My mum is a cosmetic surgery nurse specialist so it's always been drummed into me to look after my skin- but most importantly this involves knowing the damage the sun does to your skin. Nothing causes ageing more! So wear SPF daily (30+) and stay off sunbeds if you want to look 30 when you're 40 (who doesn't). I know some people who's skin looks quite leathery now as they've worshipped the sun so much. I hate being pale and love a tan so I'm all about fake tan. I know fake tan is more of a faff but ageing + skin cancer risks just aren't worth it for me.

Thanks for reading everyone!
Liv x

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