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Valentine's Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Gift Guide for him

Welcome to the second part of my Valentine's gift guide, where I share a few present ideas for the men in your life...

1. Calvin Klein Boxer Set- I think this is a great gift because they're a bit too expensive for him to necessarily splurge on himself but are stylish, sexy and he'll definitely use them!

2. Portable Phone Charger- If he's a bit of a gadget man he might already have one of these, but if he doesn't- he needs one! They're so useful and at the moment the Anker range are massively reduced on Amazon so check that out :)

3. Cologne/Aftershave- Guys that smell good are just something else, I think they often underestimate the importance of a good fragrance! My personal favourites include any Armani scent (I like Diamonds a lot) and Paco Rabanne 1 Million. 

4. Jack Wills - Here I've chosen a nice shirt, and a pair of comfy loungepants. I went with the brand Jack Wills because sometimes guys love a label, and it's currently 25% off for students. Thank me later!

5. Chocolate - Why does chocolate have to be something only girls like? I reckon you should get a box of chocolates like a nice special collection from Hotel Chocolat and share it whilst watching a movie or something. A perfect present you can both benefit from!

6. Nike Roshe Runs- These shoes are really popular at the moment with an increasing amount of guys wearing them. They're sporty/casual and apparently really comfy.

7. Gift Basket- If nothing stands out to you then why not make a gift basket for him, full of his favourite things? You could put a small bottle of wine/prosecco, some of his favourite foods, a DVD, anything! Very personalised and romantic.

Other ideas include a weekend away or buying an experience for him if you have a bigger budget!

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Thanks for reading guys, as always!
Lots of love, 

Valentine's Gift Guide for Him

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Happy New Year everyone! 

I literally can't believe how quickly the last year went, and I know we all say that, but for me, 2014 has been such a roller coaster. I've learnt things about myself and other people- friends, family, loved ones. Now we are into 2015 I have to face the stark realisation that I graduate from University this summer and need to get myself a job- and a career. For so long I have been putting these decisions off; claiming I'd simply 'do a masters' like I could just find the funding out of thin air, or that I'd apply for a graduate scheme and one would simply land on my lap. I wanted to stay living up north and independently so much but financially the cost would be unrealistic at the moment. I'd save so much more money just moving back home and getting a full time job. I'd then be paying minimal rent to my Dad and be able to save my money, potentially affording to take a break to travel for a month or so (I've always dreamed of inter-railing or visiting Australia) and then I can begin to apply for graduate schemes confidently in an area of work I know I'd like to go into, with a year's worth of full-time job experience behind me. Plan! 

In 2014 I've really had to grow up. I've learnt that people who you're really close to will sometimes drift out of your life, and that's okay. However, some will remain just as close to you even if you've gone to different University's, or even lived in a different country (love you!). I've also learnt (and read/researched) that people are the way they are because of their life experiences, and sometimes we are not aware of what the person standing next to you has gone through in their life, or what has shaped their personality. Something so insignificant on the outside to you may have affected someone to make them maybe slightly attention seeking, or sensitive, super quiet, shy, or loud and obnoxious. We do not need to pick up on negatives and push people down, for life is to short for arguments and we need to celebrate people's differences, not pick on them for being different.
What I've found most difficult this year to handle is the feeling of being misunderstood, and that truly is the worst feeling. I hope that in 2015 I'll learn and more importantly accept, that it's okay for not everyone to understand you or like you, because you can't please everyone all the time. With that in mind, I've got a list of resolutions this year...

1. Stop caring so much about what people think. If they don't know you, and I mean really know you- then they shouldn't affect you so much. If they don't like you, sod 'em. I want to focus on the positives this year and forget about the negativity. I sometimes feel like I am always putting people before myself, and the one time I put myself first on a trip recently, it all ended in tears. I want to be there for my friends and I always will be, but if something isn't making you happy, you shouldn't do it. It's your life and you've only get one. I'm going to put my happiness before worrying so much about what other people think. 

2. Try VERY hard to stop annoying habits. I really want to stop playing with my hair and looking for split ends- I do this when I'm stressed, tired, or anxious- and it's slowing down my hair growth (and I would loooove my hair to grow). I started wearing a hat recently around the house at Uni and when I'm writing an essay to help me concentrate more. Some of my friends and housemates are now calling me 'the egg' when I wear it... lol. But, hey it's working!

3. Up my fitness game. I've lost 2 stone since last December, something which I am really proud of and did VERY gradually, although I wrote about my weight loss tips in a previous blog post! I do find it a lot easier to lose weight whilst at Uni though, walking to lectures and back, having a gym on the doorstep and controlling what food is in and not in my cupboards. This Christmas has been great, but I've probably gained almost half a stone back from naughty snacks and lack of exercise, and unfortunately I'm someone that gains weight quite easily! I'm eager to get back on track now and start doing my 8-minute-abs in the evening, going to the gym, and cutting down on chocolate, bread, and snacks. Bikini season will creep up on us and this year for once, I would love to be really happy with my body when I go on holiday, and I'm going on such an exciting trip to Italy which will motivate me! Adding onto this I really want to drink more water and green tea, something that I actually am seeing myself improve on!

4. Smash my dissertation! As a beauty lover, my dissertation naturally turned into something along those lines, and to sum it up briefly, i'm looking at people's attitudes towards cosmetic surgery, and specifically anti-ageing procedures. I'm really lucky that I love my topic and find it extremely interesting, but this 10,000 word project is due at the beginning of March and I do feel quite behind. I want to really focus on it and make myself proud.

5. Stop comparing myself to others. I know so many of us do this and it's all natural human behaviour but I'm going to be kinder to myself and focus on my own realistic targets, as comparing myself to supermodels or some of my genius friends gets me nowhere except feeling a bit low about myself, which must affect my mood and confidence negatively. I am a confident person and I want that to always shine through. I also must remember that whilst I may not have the most money or belongings compared to some of my friends...I by no means have a hard life compared to so many people out there. 'It's all relative' and all that, but I want to stay grounded this year and not be jealous, for I am very, very lucky.

6. Blog more :) I love it and sadly it recently became my last priority. Personal stuff happened too- my Dad got a new girlfriend, Anna, and now we're all moving in together this summer (that's my Dad, brother, Anna, Anna's 2 children, Roger the lodger, oh...and 5 dogs!) It's quite a lot to take in and adapt to a life change like that, as well as trying to keep on top of Uni work, seeing my boyfriend, and helping my best friend from home go through a break up. Blogging is such a good outlet for me and I absolutely love it so I've decided that even if I do some shorter blog posts, even just a paragraph or two long, I'll be a lot happier than no posts at all.

I know that was a little deep, but it's nice to get it written down and shared. Now, for some posts about make-up! See you next time :)


Sunday, 4 January 2015

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