Tuesday, 5 August 2014

SKINCARE REVIEW- Liz Earle Daily Essentials Kit

A few weeks ago now, I decided that I really needed to up my skincare game. For years and years I've been using just make-up wipes at night to remove my make up and sometimes I've also used the skincare bargain which is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution which I love.

But as I'm 21 in a few months I decided I wanted some 'grown-up' skincare products. While I am lucky to have normal (rather than oily or dry) skin which doesn't suffer with a lot of break outs, I do think it often looks a bit dull and lifeless, and goes dry throughout the day.
As I've been working full-time recently, when I went to London I decided to splurge on the highly raved about Liz Earle skincare range. I knew I wanted the Cleanse and Polish (at around £13/£14) but I didn't know the lovely saleswoman in the John Lewis Westfield store would convince me that my life wouldn't be the same unless I got the entire set...

This entire collection was £47.25 from John Lewis and in this you get: 2 Muslin Cloths, Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser (suited for your skin type; normal/combination, dry/sensitive, combination/oily) and as a free 'gift' you also receive the Botanical Shine shampoo and conditioner. All 100% natural.

This product is the most well known in the set, often been deemed 'the best' skincare cleanser around. Huge statement. It is very famous though, and I can definitely see why. It contains all natural ingredients and no chemicals (what Liz Earle skincare range bases itself on) so it's very unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive of skins.

It contains eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary, cocoa butter, chamomile etc which are all very kind to the skin and softens it amazingly, as well as soothing any redness and making your skin smell amazing. 

The cleanser itself is really creamy and moisturising without feeling greasy. I personally remove my makeup with the Simple Radiance Wipes first to remove the majority of my make up and prolong the use of my cloths. Then, I apply the cleanser to dry skin (which I did find an odd concept at first), then rinse the muslin cloth (a natural exfoliant) in warm water, and 'polish' my skin. This clears out pores and dead skin cells, leaving it soft and more full of life. It definitely feels like I'm giving my skin a treat when I use this!

The next step after you've used the cloth & cleanser, is to apply the Skin Boost Tonic just using a cotton wool pad. I actually love using this first thing in the morning to wake my skin up, as it leaves it so refreshed. This smells like flowers, probably due to the 'rose-scented' thing, but it means it definitely smells of all things natural and fresh. The Aloe Vera in it is also very soothing and helps tone and reduce the appearance of pores without drying skin out- like some other toners do, that often contain alcohol. 

Lastly, we have the 'Skin Repair Moisturiser'. This is rich and creamy and I just love it. I don't use this in the morning because I use a lighter moisturiser with an SPF, but it's perfect for overnight as I've read using moisturisers with an SPF in overnight isn't great for your skin.
I also love how it contains Vitimum E as this is anti-aging and adds radiance. I apply this after using the cleanser and tonic, in an upward circular motion to 'plump' up my skin. 
I do want to try other skincare products like the Estee Lauder range, but for my first high-end skincare purchase I am impressed and feel so pampered when I use it every night! You're meant to use this in the mornings too but like I said, I just use the tonic when my skins a bit lifeless. 

While it hasn't cleared up my skin, it's left it radiant, softer and smelling lovely, and I also think my foundation is looking nicer and more flawless with this due to how healthy my skin is underneath now.

All the infomation can be found at and can be bought here :)

This is definitely the 2039494898th review of this on the internet but I just love it and had to write about it.
 Let me know if you swear by any skincare products or if you've tried this!

SKINCARE REVIEW- Liz Earle Daily Essentials Kit

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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