Saturday, 7 February 2015

REVIEW: Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Hey everyone, 
Today I thought I'd review a mascara that I've recently purchased...
Now, I don't usually buy Bourjois mascaras, nor do I particularly rate them generally but I'd heard a bit of hype around this one and really wanted to try it.

The packaging is nice and I do like the brush- on first impressions it looks like it'll make a difference to my lashes as well as combing them out to separate them.
The mascara claims to:
  • Have 16 hour hold (waterproof claims 24 hours)
  • Easy to remove
  • Both Spherical Bristles that 'perfectly wrap lashes for 360 volume',  and Straight Bristles to create 'clump free definition'

I decided to pick up the non-waterproof version in the colour 'ultra black' as you know I like my glam look!

Pros: It DEFINITELY adds volume to your lashes. Without question this has made my lashes the thickest they've looked in just one coat (although I add about 3, because I like it that way).
It also is easy to remove (a lot easier than Benefit's They're Real, and the consistency is quite similar).

Cons: Big con for me...this mascara didn't lengthen my lashes at all really. What I need in a mascara is lengthening and volumising combined, which in fairness this mascara never claimed. 

So basically, if you already have long lashes this mascara could be the absolute dream! 
I'm definitely going to purchase a lengthening mascara like Max Factor Masterpiece and then add a layer of this on top and hopefully achieve better results. I am a huge fan of using two different mascaras at once anyway!

Rating: 6/10

REVIEW: Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW: Lancôme Grandiose- Best Mascara Ever?

Hey everyone! Hope you're well and sorry it's been a little while. I've been so busy!
Whilst I have been away though, I've welcomed a new love into my life...I literally have found the best mascara ever. Lancôme
's Grandiose Mascara.
I would go as far as to say that it is my holy grail mascara, and that's saying a lot.
I'm sure we are all guilty of using the mascara living in the bottom of our bags...the dried out flaky one circa 2013 (I'm looking at you Benefit's They're Real) because we just couldn't let them go. But if we're going to spend money on a new mascara, it needs to be good...

The mascara itself is from my favourite mascara brand Lancôme, who have previously won me over with their Hypnose line: Doll Eyes, Drama, Star, I couldn't wait to try this one.

Grandiose is their new 'reinvention' of mascara, with a 'patent-pending' Swan Neck. This is designed to create full, even, fanned out lashes from corner to corner, adapting to all different eye shapes. It claims to capture even the tiniest inner corner lashes and creates a wide angled fan effect on the lashes, with the brush designed to follow the eye's natural shape, and the wand angled to follow the cheekbone and facial contours. Ooer.

So here's why I love it:The bottle is GORGEOUS, like literally can we appreciate the glass and the flower? It's definitely elegant and looks great on your dressing table. But then there's the wand. My Mum actually asked the woman at the counter 'is the wand meant to look like that?!' because we've never seen one like this before. The woman at the counter told us that it's great because the mascara doesn't dry out easily, which is all to do with the movement of air that gets inside the tube when you remove the wand (and why they say you shouldn't ever pump your mascara or it'll dry out super quickly). So this mascara is actually lasting me so much longer than others. Every time you unscrew the bottle, it mixes the formula too so it won't be clumpy and stays fresh.
The shape of the wand means that when you apply the mascara crossing over your face, you don't smudge any on your nose. 
They really have thought of everything with the design of this mascara it would seem.
I've found the design of the wand means it does actually get every single lash and I've noticed it's especially good on my bottom lashes as it gets to them all without smudging the underneath of my eye. The wand really separates and lengthens the lashes and when you apply a second coat it adds a lot of volume as it's very buildable.
The mascara itself is made from the blackest pigment possible to give you an intense dark eye in just one coat, and the formula is said to be 'innovative' containing Lancôme's exclusive 'Rose-Cell Extract' which condition your lashes, giving them some TLC and helping them grow longer. 

Lastly, I have to mention the staying power of this mascara. It's easier to get off than Benefit's They're Real, but lasts ALL DAY (and night) with no flakiness.

Fundamentally I love this mascara, and I would compare the overall effect and staying power to that of Benefit's They're Real, but it doesn't dry out nearly as quickly and it is easier to remove. It's by far the best mascara I think I've ever tried.
It's definitely not cheap at £24.50 but the staying power and long-lasting formula means it is worth it, but I won't be purchasing this again until payday or my student loan comes in!

'Captivating, eyes are simply Grandiose.' - Lancôme.

Excuse the poor quality of these photos! Better camera coming soon :)

You can buy it from Boots here and also read instructions on 'how to use' haha (cute).

As ever thanks for reading guys and please subscribe on Bloglovin, would literally make my day :) 

REVIEW: Lancôme Grandiose- Best Mascara Ever?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Raiding a Friend's Makeup Bag: Hannah's Beauty Favourites

Hello everyone!
Today I'm sat with my friend Hannah, who is also a make-up junkie/lover. When we see each other we love to have a big old sleepover and catch up and compare what product's we've both been loving. I asked Hannah to pick out her favourite 'must have' products from her make-up collection, and thought this would make a nice blog post. This is what she chose...
Left to right: L'Oreal Superliner in black, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, Benefit's They're Real, Mac Lipstick in 'Chatterbox', Benefit's Porefessional Primer, Burts Bees Lipbalm + Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. 
The lovely Hannah Bourne!
So as you can see, a lot of these products are well used, but hopefully this just shows they're loved. A lot of these products are also cult classics and favourites of many bloggers and readers, so I won't go into too much detail- just a brief summary of why she loves them.

L'Oreal Super Liner. This liquid eyeliner is a favourite of both of ours actually, even though Hannah wasn't sure about it at first. She was used to using a pen-liner before but now she loves the precision you can get with this (and I agree). It's not a flimsy nib like many other liquid eyeliners. It's only around the £6.99 mark which is so much cheaper than the 'They're Real Push Up' liner which Benefit have released. I do really want to try that liner, but am yet to decide if it's worth the hype because at £18.50, it's super expensive, and plus I can't see how I'd love it more than this! I don't go a day without wearing it and am obsessed with winged eyeliner on the top lid.

Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer. You all know about this concealer. Light and creamy and amazing for undereye circles at only around the £4 mark, it's an absolute bargain and has been beauty bloggers favourite for years. It's said to be a dupe of the Nars concealer (which I reeeally want to try!)
I don't think this does stay on for the promised '16 hours' but it does cover our under eye bags and provides some luminosity. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara.This mascara is our absolute favourite, but at £19.50 a tube it's also not cheap at all, and we both find it dries out so quickly! 
However, a little trick I have discovered with any drying mascara is to run a sink full of hot/very warm water and put your mascaras in it for a while. I'm not sure how long you probably need to leave it but long enough for the water to warm up the inside of the mascara tube and moisten it up again. This really works and adds life to this mascara!

MAC 'Chatterbox' Amplified lipstick is Hannah's go-to lipstick, and she says she wears this pretty much every night out but also sometimes in the day too. It's a lovely strong pink colour which looks amazing both with a tan and without. It's chic and barbie-esque which looks amazing for spring/summer paired with navy colours especially. I'm definitely going to be borrowing this when we go out together next!

The Lush lip scrub is amazing to use before you apply lipstick to make your lips really soft and 'prime' them 'ensuring your makeup glides on and stays on'. It also tastes great too, as does the Mint version Lush sell. According to Hannah, the Burt's Bees is the best lipbalm she's ever come across, with it leaving her lips soft and hydrated for ages (much better than Vaseline). Together she calls them the 'dream team'. 

Benefit Porefessional Primer. Finally we have this primer and Hannah swears by. I do like this product but don't know if it's better than other cheaper alternatives on the market, as it is £24.50. Hannah insists it keeps her makeup on longer than any other primer and it doesn't break either of us out though (which is very important- *cough Body Shop Instablur*) and is a lovely consistency.I have 'normal/combination' skin and Hannah has oily skin and this works great on both of us so I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't tied down on a budget! I'm going to try and get her to get the Body Shop Tea Tree primer next time as I think this would be perfect for oily skin and I've heard so many good things. 

So thanks for reading and hope you found this informative! I love all these products too. My upcoming blogposts will involve disappointing products and ones to avoid in my opinion, I'll be going through my current favourite items, and I'm going to do a 'what's in my make-up bag' (although that will be a very long one ha!) Let me know if there's anything you guys want to particularly see, and remember to please subscribe on Bloglovin to not miss a post! 

Raiding a Friend's Makeup Bag: Hannah's Beauty Favourites

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Wishlist...

A Wishlist...

Hey guys, today I thought I'd share with you my current wishlist. 
As you can see there's many things I would love but just can't afford, but I can dream!


Firstly with the beauty/make-up items, I really want to try a new foundation and I feel like an awful beauty blogger having not tried out Nars Sheer Glow or Estee Lauder Double Wear! After I'm done with my beloved No7 foundation in Honey (I love you.) I'm going to have to splurge on one of these, and it'll probably be the Nars first, leaving the slightly heavier coverage Estee Lauder for the winter.

Also from Nars, I want one of their 'Multiples. The Matte Multiple is a multi-purpose makeup stick that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. Beautycrush on Youtube recently stated how she loves this product and uses it everyday for contouring and it blends so naturally into the cheekbones. It's expensive at £30 but my Hoola bronzer has almost run out so I might just have an excuse to get this one on payday!

I also really want a MAC lipstick and lipliner. After reading Beauty and the Blog's new post she's got me lusting after MAC Whirl lipliner and MAC Yash lipstick and wearing them together. Yash is a matte nude colour, while Whirl is a slightly richer 'your lips but better' colour. Also, Kylie Jenner recently revealed on twitter the lip product she uses on her lips is Mac's Whirl *cue product selling out everywhere*

Finally, I am dying to try out the widely loved YSL Shocking mascara after hearing such good things about it. It's in stiff competition with my Lancome Hypnose Star Eyes and Benefit's They're Real though!


I've been wanting a pair of Rayban Aviators for so long now but can't get myself to spend the £100+ to get them. I'm so afriad I'll either lose them or sit on them or something and at the end of the day you pay so much for the little white scribble in the corner of the lense. However, I'm in love with them. I think they're effortless chic and just overall suit my face so much more than the other styles.

A Michael Kors bag is also on the wishlist. I love this bag in any colour and think it'll be so nice with the Rayban's, a pair of ripped jeans and a nice jumper (or any outfit at that matter).

As a new blogger, I'm taking all my photos using my iPhone. This is fine but I get major blog envy of those amazing visual blogs with high definition pictures and I think make-up tutorials will be way more effective if I used a DSLR camera. I've actually wanted one for ages as I can also take photos of whenever I go travelling too! In an ideal world I would love the Cannon 700D as it has a little flip out screen so you can see what you're recording if the camera is pointing at you. This IS pricey though at about £550 and other models come a bit cheaper such as the Cannon 100D and Cannon1200D (more around the £350 mark).

 Above is the Cannon 100D, also know as the worlds smallest DSLR, apparently it's an amazing camera, small, light and it's touch screen too. I also am obsessed with the floral camera strap from Etsy.

Lastly, and probably for absolutely no reason, I want an Ipad. An Ipad Air (or Mini) would be a lovely addition to the Apple family and I can imagine it being so much easier to travel with, or just sit on the sofa or train with than a laptop. This is definitely not the top of my priority list though as having an iPhone and a laptop I don't need one at all, but it would be nice!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments below on what would be on  your wishlist!

*All photos from Polyvore and Pinterest.

A Wishlist...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014

MUM's Make-up bag + Diorshow Eyelash Maximiser

Hey everyone, I was at my mums house yesterday and when I visit I love to check out what new make-up products she has and try them out. My Mum works in the beauty/cosmetic surgery industry and because of this does have an awareness of what products are good yet she hardly wears them at all! She also has so many tips of the trade on anti-ageing, hair growth, weight-loss, etc that she's had talks and presentations on for her job but that's for another blog post.
 So here's me, raiding her make-up bag and picking out the best products, enjoy!

Cath Kidson bag, (L-R) Barbara Daly lipstick in 'Innocence', Dior Diorshow Maximiser Lash Pumping Serum, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, B Loud Mascara,  Lancome Hypnose eyeshadow, Tweezerman tweezers, Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal eyeliner, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, Rimmel Match Perfection concealer.

The swatches on my hand shown above hopefully demonstrate how black and intense the Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal (what a mouthful) eyeliner is, it's sooo soft and easy to use too, I'm definitely sneaking this out of her makeup bag! Guerlin do a famous soft khol eyeliner like this but it's about £30- this Bourjois one is an amazing dupe (retailing around £6.99). The eyeliner has won lots of makeup awards and I can see why! The BD lipstick in 'Innocence' is sheer but a perfect 'your lips but better' colour and the Rimme; concealer is quite light but perfect for under the eyes as it's very creamy and illuminating.

The photo above-left shows the my faaavourite eyelash product right now. If you have short and fine eyelashes like me, this makes them thick and long in one application. Basically an eyelash primer/plumping serum, it's pricey but it worked...

Row 1) My short straight eyelashes :(
Row 2) Application of Diorshow Maximiser

3) I then applied the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara on top and as you can see I have thicker blacker lashes now! The only criticism i'd have of this product is that if over applied, it can mean your lashes clump together slightly more! With the right mascara though, perhaps a lenthening one with a comb brush? I think this could look even better!


4) Just for a comparison, this is my eye with JUST mascara and no Diorshow Maximiser Lash Plumping Serum on. Still lengthened lashes but definitely not as thick as with the Dior and not as long lasting!

DIY 'Chanel' Brush Holder

Finally, in my mums bathroom I came across this DIY brush holder and thought it was so cute. All she'd done was take an old jam jar and tie a Chanel ribbon around the top. She keeps the odd eyeliner and all her eyeshadow brushes in here and I think it's really chic.

Thanks for reading and if you're reading this Mum, sorry for raiding your make-up! (she loves it really)

Lots of love,

MUM's Make-up bag + Diorshow Eyelash Maximiser

Saturday, 12 July 2014

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