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Sunday, 22 February 2015

University Room Tour...

Hey everyone!
I thought that today I'd share with you what my University room looks like (now I've added my motivation/Pinterest wall!). I'm really happy with it as I tried to make it as cosy as possible as well as maximising space/storage.
Now it's very 'me', I definitely think of it as my home away from home...

I put up the fairy lights under my skylight as soon as I moved in to make it more girly, and I also bought a few pieces of furniture with me- including the Ikea bedside table, clothing rail, Ikea cube storage, and Ikea Alex tall chest of drawers.

I love this cushion- 'Dream' from the Holly Willoughby collection in BHS. I love white bedlinin and white furniture as I think it makes the room look bigger and it's really chic.

My bedside table features my iPhone and iPad, some very old copies of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, Lucy Meck's Be Body Beautiful book (quite good by the way! Keeps me motivated to work out and eat healthier) and a copy of the book I'm currently reading.

I also love keeping a moisturiser, hand cream, multi-vitamins and body spray next to my bed, especially as it's a fitting a white/pink theme.

It's a little cluttered in this corner and you can just see the corner of my huge creamy/beige rug. I've got my clothes rail with my most used bags and shoes, my Ikea Alex drawers where I literally have a drawer for everything: the top 3 are stationary/paper/uni related things and the rest are designated to fake tan, haircare, skincare, miscellaneous...

I also have my TV which I used to watch so much in first and second year but now I only put it on in the mornings to watch the news and otherwise tend to watch TV in the lounge with the girls or catch-up on the laptop! Above my TV is a painting that my best friend in America painted me a few years ago- I love it and the pop of colour it brings to any room.

I bought this cube as I was inspired by FleurDeForce's office space where a few of these featured! It's perfect for keeping my books/DVDs (Desperate Housewives is life), post-shower/daily essentials (dry shampoo, argon oil, blowdry spray) and I also keep my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser set in there. There's also my hair-dye, jewellery box, some bunting and a pair of gloves. On top, I tried to make it pretty and not cluttered- I have some makeup, a scented candle, perfume and a big photo frame full of pictures of me and my friends from sixth-form and first year.

Finally, we have my desk/blogging/working corner! I love the hanging heart I got from a Christmas market, my storage boxes hidden behind my wardrobe along with my Mini travel bag and pilates/workout matt. On my wardrobe I've stuck on a term planner (A3) with a list of all my social commitments on one side, and work deadlines on the other. Below that I have my dissertation timetable (I'm already behind- typical me). Then I've just got a photo from my year 13 prom with my 'dream day' written which is something I wrote as a goal, e.g I know that if I wake up at 9am, have a productive day of work or blogging, go to the gym, then have a healthy dinner followed by chill time (tv/reading) I feel so much better.

Hope this was interesting, if you have any questions feel free to ask! 
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Lots of love,

University Room Tour...

Sunday, 22 February 2015

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