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2014 Beauty Favourites

Welcome to my 2014 beauty favourites (aka my beauty Holy Grails). Whether these are new releases, or old classics, I have been reaching for them time and time again and I believe them to be the best products that I have used this year. This'll be quite a long read, so without further ado, enjoy!

This year there have been two primers I've been loving. Cheaper: Rimmel- Fix and Perfect Pro. This is a great everyday primer and really softens my skin too. I use this on normal skin days, and use it the most as it's pretty cheap to repurchase at around £6. Indulge: Nars -Illuminating Primer. This was bought for me as a gift and I love it as on days where my skin looks a bit dull it makes it look more radiant. It's a bit thicker in consistency than the Fix and Perfect but it means a little goes a long way.

Nars- Sheer Glow Foundation. This foundation is my favourite as it delivers dewy,  youthful, fresh looking skin and it's build-able too. It's many bloggers favourite foundation and this is my second bottle now and it's about to run out :(. I wear the shade Punjab. 

Nars Creamy Concealer is the perfect consistency and yellow-toned concealer for under the eyes to cover dark circles, but sadly it IS pricey and doesn't last that long. I use the shade 'Custard'. Pair this with Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer and you get the perfect team in my opinion. I use this in the shade 'Ivory' so it is a few shades lighter than my skin tone and I press it into the skin with my middle finger, rather than try and rub it in (this is important.) Your skin instantly looks more radiant and flawless so I'll be repurchasing this again and again. 

Real Techniques- Expert Face Brush and The Body Shop- Face Brush. Both of these brushes have been my favourites this year, for different purposes. Real Techniques is an amazing brand developed by Nicki and Sam Chapman at Pixiwoo, and this brush is amazing for applying liquid or cream-based foundations and buffing them into the skin to create a more flawless finish. The Body Shop Face brush is lovely to use with bronzer or blush as it gets rid of the harsh lines that may be caused by a smaller 'contouring' brush, leaving you with a much softer finish. I can also use this brush to apply powder, and it's very soft.

Benefit- Hoola. The perfect 'matte' bronze shade and a favourite of so many. I love this for contouring and I also find the colour build-able so I can apply a little less in winter and more in summer. 
The Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette. I got this for Christmas so I must admit it's a late yearly favourite but I'm so in love with it I had to include it! I'm obsessed with contouring and the looks you can achieve so this being in my life makes me very happy. It comes with 3 bronze shades and 3 highlighting shades, to suit different skin tones. Personally I use all of them but the middle bronze shade is my favourite for my current skin colour. 

Nars- Orgasm. I wanted this blush for ages. A cult favourite in the beauty world it was sold to me by the Space NK sales assistant promising that this blush looks good on any skin tone/colour. It's very pretty with a subtle shimmer and definitely brings out the more olive undertones in your skin, which is why I do prefer it on me when I have a little bit of a tan, but I love it. (Again, price is around £28 so it's a splurge item!)

The Body Shop- Macaroon (no.1). As a cheaper alternative to an everyday blush (around £11), we have Body Shop's Macaroon blush. It's so pretty on the apples of your cheeks that I wear this throughout the winter months and into the spring when I'm a little paler.

Benefit- Watts Up. A beautiful golden highlight which looks so beautiful on the top of the cheekbones and on the brow bone. 

MAC- Fanfare and Shy Girl. These two lipsticks are the ones I have been most frequently grabbing this past year. Fanfare is a stronger colour, one which I use when I'm trying to be a little more 'Kylie Jenner' whilst Shy Girl (which I'm almost out of *sob*) is a creamy nude which looks really nice with a bronzed or smokey eye. I'll be repurchasing along with ones I'm desperate to add to my collection in 2015- Angel and Pure Zen. 

MAC- Whirl and L'oreal- Infallible liner. Lipliners were never a staple part of my beauty regime but the likes of Kylie Jenner have seen their popularity take off in 2014. The way they can help create a more fuller lip really appeals to me as I feel I look more 'done' especially for a night out if I've used this. MAC's Whirl is said to be the liner that Kylie herself uses, and it is a nice 'lighter than mauve' shade. For a more subtle look, the L'oreal Infallible retractable liners are great, the packaging is lovely and the fact you don't have to keep sharpening it is useful. It's a 'your lips but better' colour and I love it. 

Benefit- They're Real. Build-able and quite unlike any other mascara out there. Shame it doesn't last that long but it's definitely one of my favourite mascaras.
Lancome- Grandiose Mascara- In love with it, see my previous review!
Urban Decay- Pervesion. Great for length and even more so, volume. Fanned out lash effect and very build-able.

Urban Decay- Naked Palette. I couldn't love this palette more if I tried. All everyday colours, some matte, some shimmery, and really well pigmented. With this and the Naked 3 palette in my collection I currently have no desire for any other eyeshadows. It's a steal at RRP £38 for so many shadows, and it's often discounted on (my friend recently got this for £27, amazing value.)

Xen Tan- Weekly Dark Lotion, and Fake Bake- 60 Minutes. These two tans are the ones I've been constantly reaching for this year. Firstly, Xen Tan is such a great brand and has really worked on the olive tones in their tan, and also the smell of this is like almonds which means it doesn't have the classic 'biscuit' smell. The fact it lasts a week before starting to fade off is also a massive plus for me or some of us who are short of time or a little lazy with our tanning. FakeBake 60 Minute Tan is also perfect if you end up going on a night out at the last minute, as it really does develop in 60 minutes. It's a lovely colour and the mitt that comes with it (and all FakeBake products) means it sits on the skin really nicely and leaves you golden bronze.

Perfume is such a personal thing as we all suit and like different ones, however my personal favourites are Flora by Gucci (Gardenia) and La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. I think they smell amazing and aren't too mature nor are they too 'young'. Slightly floral but also a tiny bit fruity. (Describing a perfume is hard!)

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser- I reviewed this this year and it's amazing for removing every last trace of makeup and leaving you with the softest, nicest smelling skin. It's all natural too which is great for those with sensitive skin.

Garnier Ultralift Night Cream. Whilst this is an anti-ageing night cream it makes my skin feel softer and more plumped up when I wake up in the morning. I also find that makeup sits better on my face after I've worn this overnight. 
Simple Brightening Makeup Wipes. I know you shouldn't use makeup wipes at night to remove your makeup, however these are really good at brightening my skin and stop it looking so dull, so I sometimes use these after a night out when I'm feeling lazy, or in the morning to wake my skin up a bit.

My post-shower hair essentials; Argan Oil, VO5 Plump-It-Up Blow Dry Lotion, and Toni and Guy Volume Whip. Together I feel these look after my hair, protect it from heat, and also give my roots a boost when I blow-dry my hair leaving it more voluminous with some body. 

So that's my favourites for 2014 :)
Although they were my go-to products, there are obviously so many things I'm yet to try and can't wait to in 2015- including Charlotte Tilbury make-up! It looks SO gorgeous. I'll put up my New Years Wishlist soon.

Thanks for reading!

2014 Beauty Favourites

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

SKINCARE REVIEW- Liz Earle Daily Essentials Kit

A few weeks ago now, I decided that I really needed to up my skincare game. For years and years I've been using just make-up wipes at night to remove my make up and sometimes I've also used the skincare bargain which is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution which I love.

But as I'm 21 in a few months I decided I wanted some 'grown-up' skincare products. While I am lucky to have normal (rather than oily or dry) skin which doesn't suffer with a lot of break outs, I do think it often looks a bit dull and lifeless, and goes dry throughout the day.
As I've been working full-time recently, when I went to London I decided to splurge on the highly raved about Liz Earle skincare range. I knew I wanted the Cleanse and Polish (at around £13/£14) but I didn't know the lovely saleswoman in the John Lewis Westfield store would convince me that my life wouldn't be the same unless I got the entire set...

This entire collection was £47.25 from John Lewis and in this you get: 2 Muslin Cloths, Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser (suited for your skin type; normal/combination, dry/sensitive, combination/oily) and as a free 'gift' you also receive the Botanical Shine shampoo and conditioner. All 100% natural.

This product is the most well known in the set, often been deemed 'the best' skincare cleanser around. Huge statement. It is very famous though, and I can definitely see why. It contains all natural ingredients and no chemicals (what Liz Earle skincare range bases itself on) so it's very unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive of skins.

It contains eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary, cocoa butter, chamomile etc which are all very kind to the skin and softens it amazingly, as well as soothing any redness and making your skin smell amazing. 

The cleanser itself is really creamy and moisturising without feeling greasy. I personally remove my makeup with the Simple Radiance Wipes first to remove the majority of my make up and prolong the use of my cloths. Then, I apply the cleanser to dry skin (which I did find an odd concept at first), then rinse the muslin cloth (a natural exfoliant) in warm water, and 'polish' my skin. This clears out pores and dead skin cells, leaving it soft and more full of life. It definitely feels like I'm giving my skin a treat when I use this!

The next step after you've used the cloth & cleanser, is to apply the Skin Boost Tonic just using a cotton wool pad. I actually love using this first thing in the morning to wake my skin up, as it leaves it so refreshed. This smells like flowers, probably due to the 'rose-scented' thing, but it means it definitely smells of all things natural and fresh. The Aloe Vera in it is also very soothing and helps tone and reduce the appearance of pores without drying skin out- like some other toners do, that often contain alcohol. 

Lastly, we have the 'Skin Repair Moisturiser'. This is rich and creamy and I just love it. I don't use this in the morning because I use a lighter moisturiser with an SPF, but it's perfect for overnight as I've read using moisturisers with an SPF in overnight isn't great for your skin.
I also love how it contains Vitimum E as this is anti-aging and adds radiance. I apply this after using the cleanser and tonic, in an upward circular motion to 'plump' up my skin. 
I do want to try other skincare products like the Estee Lauder range, but for my first high-end skincare purchase I am impressed and feel so pampered when I use it every night! You're meant to use this in the mornings too but like I said, I just use the tonic when my skins a bit lifeless. 

While it hasn't cleared up my skin, it's left it radiant, softer and smelling lovely, and I also think my foundation is looking nicer and more flawless with this due to how healthy my skin is underneath now.

All the infomation can be found at and can be bought here :)

This is definitely the 2039494898th review of this on the internet but I just love it and had to write about it.
 Let me know if you swear by any skincare products or if you've tried this!

SKINCARE REVIEW- Liz Earle Daily Essentials Kit

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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